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Nine Days at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

Nine Days – This alternative rock band from Long Island was formed in 1994 by John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, and released three independent albums in the 1990s before their mainstream debut album, The Madding Crowd, released in 2000. The band scored a hit in the United States from the album The Madding Crowd, with the single “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)”, which reached number one in the charts. Although the band is for the most part still together and occasionally performs shows, both vocal artists, John Hampson and Brian Desveaux, have pursued solo careers and their music is available for purchase from their individual websites. For more, go to

Antje Duvekot at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

Antje Duvekot – Antje Duvekot is a German-born, American-raised singer-songwriter who has risen to the top of the competitive Boston singer-songwriter scene. Blending uncommonly beautiful vocals with one of the sharpest poetic sensibilities in her field, Duvekot has a remarkable ability to make us believe she is whispering secrets in our ear, and we know that she believes every word she sings. New Siberia is her third studio album — and a masterpiece of the modern folk genre. She assembled it herself with a fresh confidence enhanced by the fan loyalty displayed on Again produced by folk legend Richard Shindell, the cinematic ensemble sound showcases Duvekot’s bold, sure-footed path through emotional terrain most artists dare not even enter. For more, go to

Heather Maloney at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

Heather Maloney – Hailed by The Huffington Post for “lyrics that cut to the chase.”, Heather Maloney is quickly becoming known for her powerhouse performances, highly original songwriting, memorable melodies, “knock-you-dead vocals” (Valley Advocate), and evocative lyricism. DigBoston wrote that she “deserves the type of cult following that has allowed the likes of Aimee Mann and Ani DiFranco that long standing success and influence they have had.” Although Maloney’s influences are largely rooted in what she calls “adventurous folk,” she pushes outward on these 11 songs, digging deeper, and roaming wider, than she has before on songs populated by vivid characters that ultimately trace their way back to her. It’s no surprise that her performances are getting more and more crowded as people discover her smart, catchy and soulful music. For more, go to

Seth Glier at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

Seth Glier – Despite his relatively young age, Massachusetts based singer/songwriter Seth Glier is a seasoned troubadour. Averaging over 250+ live performances annually Seth has gone from opening act to headlining his own shows and playing major folk festivals. He’s shared the stage with artists as diverse as James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Martin Sexton, Emmylou Harris and Ryan Adams and has quickly become known for his passionate live sets. His music has also caught the ears of fans, industry and critics alike with USA Today stating that his “exquisite tenor echoes Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.” The incredible acclaim on his sophomore record, The Next Right Thing, led to the single “Lauralee” hitting #1 on Clear Channel’s NEW! Discover & Uncover program as well as a Grammy® nomination, a first for both himself and his New York based label, MPress Records. For more, go to

Ray Lambiase at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

To round out our pre-show, we invited Long Island singer-songwriter Ray Lambiase to the stage. He kept the energy going with his unique style of folk/blues/ballads. You can find out more about Ray here.

Newland and Miller at Acoustic LI’s Summer Concert 7-13-2013

Seth Glier LIVE at Acoustic Long Island 10-3-2012

Katie Pearlman LIVE at Acoustic Long Island 10-30-2012

Acoustic LI October Intro with Christine Sweeney